How to Create a Marketing Message
that Attracts New Clients

(This guide includes a 2-step formula you can follow)

By Alexander Nikolov, creator of the 7-step Formula for Business Growth 

If you don’t have enough clients and you suffer from inconsistent revenues, this report will show you the first critical step to change that.

And I’ll show you that by revealing the #1 factor that has attributed to my business growth and to the sharp growth of hundreds of business owners that I have consulted.

First, let me tell you why you most likely experience a lack of clients and inconsistent revenues.

Most likely the main reason is that you have low or no traffic toward your business (no matter whether your business is primarily online on offline).  And even when you do have traffic of potential clients, most of them do not convert as paying clients. And perhaps, that happens despite the fact that you work hard and are likely overwhelm.

And why do you have low traffic and low conversion?

Well, I don’t know you personally yet, but most likely you either have a bad offer, or a bad pricing structure, or you do not advertise enough, or you attract clients only using 1 or 2 different marketing channels, or you don’t have a compelling enough message.  Or, maybe you experience all of these problems….

How do I know that?

When I started my business in January 2012 I experienced the same… And I had suffered for 3 years before I found the solution that changed my business and converted it to a 6-figure one. And I have noticed the majority of my clients have experienced the same problems before they come to work with me. And then, by applying the principles in this report, most of them have doubled their businesses in record time (some of them in 3 to 4 months).

And yes, unlike the overwhelming majority of coaches, I will admit not all of my clients got results.

I believe that in order to succeed no matter whether you work with a business coach or by yourself, you need to be ready to expand your comfort zone and to commit to make changes in your business despite all the fears and doubts that you may have.

That being said, if you are committed and you do what I present here, you can significantly change the way you do business…. in a similar way like I have changed my business and like many of my clients who have achieved results that they may never dreamt of.

And because I want to keep this free report short, I am not going to tell you my story… like everyone else is doing… you know what I mean…

Let’s get straight to the point: How to attract more leads and to increase your sales conversion 

But, before I start, let me tell you, why it is getting so difficult to reach new clients.

Research shows that 25+ years ago, on average after 4 “no”s, you would get your potential client attention. Well, today, it is twice as hard: you need more than 8 “no”s before you can capture the attention of your client.

To see more clearly what that means to you, imagine the following:

  • If you advertise, the majority of the people will pay attention only after they see your ad 8 or more times. And of course, that clearly means you need to spend more for advertising than before.
  • If you do not advertise, but you try to reach new leads by the phone or through direct mail, most likely the majority of them will say “I am not interested in” until you contact them at least 8 times.
  • And if you use video in your marketing, research shows you have 9 seconds at most to grab people’s attention. If you haven’t done it in 9 seconds they will shut you off. (by the way, I heard from Jordan Belfort, the Woof of Wall Street, that he believes you have only 3 seconds to get their attention…. And I am afraid he’s right…).
  • And finally, think about your web site and how difficult it is to get the attention of someone who landed there. Most people look for 3-4 seconds before they decide whether to continue or to click the “close” button.

So, you definitely need a good marketing message to deal with this. And “good” will most likely not be enough in this case.

Looking at the broader business picture, you actually need 4 simple (yet, not so easy to implement) steps to attract more leads and to make more sales:
  1. Step one: you need to know who your ideal client is. That way you can create your compelling message (marketing copy or sales conversation) and you will know where to find your client. Keep in mind that somebody has already gathered those desired clients, either offline or online. And if you can find this person or organization that has already gathered your potential clients, your client attraction strategies won’t cost you that much.
  2. Step two: you need a really compelling marketing message. That is, the way in which you are positioned on the marketplace and also differentiate from your competitors.
  3. Step three: you need to activate many marketing channels through which your message can reach your potential clients. It is clear that you will have one effect on your business if your message reaches your clients through only one or two channels. And you’ll have a completely different effect if you use effectively 10 or 12 channels.
  4. Step 4: and finally you need a sales script that works. When you know exactly what to ask, in what order, how to present your product or service, how to close the deal and how to overcome the key objections, you will have a much better conversion ratio. And by having such a script you can then follow it and improve it! (remember, if you don’t have it written and it is not followed, it cannot be improved! It is that simple!).

The topic of this report is mostly step 2 – how to get the attention of your potential clients through a compelling message.

You need a message that attracts new leads and then motivates those leads to take the next step: subscribe for your email list, request more information or simply buy your product.

And this message should be like a “consistent greeting” that your potential clients hear from you all the time – I mean, literally they need to see or hear that message in every interaction with you, your company or your service.

If you don’t have a compelling message, you will most likely continue to experience difficulties in getting new leads and you will continue to lose money due to the fact that clients say “I need to think about it” which practically means “no”.

How do most companies present their products or services?

Typically, you can hear the following message (or open any web site, and most likely you will read something like this):

“We are company X, we have 15 years of history, we have received these rewards ______, we have 10 highly qualified employees and we work with following well known clines ________.“

Well, I may be exaggerating a bit here…. But…that’s typically how companies present themselves….

Don’t do this!

Nobody wants to read or listen to that kind of information because they still do not have intention to even work with you. That’s why they are not interested in your history, your rewards and your accomplishments. Actually, they are interested in all that but only after you grab their attention and they start thinking of working with you.

The Elevator Speech – your core message 

I am pretty sure you know what an elevator speech is. But in case you don’t know, this is the very short message (less than a minute) that you say when describing what you do and you get the answer “wow, that’s interesting, I’d like to know more”. It is called “elevator speech” because it should be short enough so that you can tell it to someone who is with you on the elevator in a tall building.

Well, unfortunately, we don’t even have a minute to get somebody’s attention in today’s day and age.

That’s why I also help my clients to create a short elevator speech – which is 10 seconds long or even less.

When you develop your Elevator Speech, you will know every time what to say when you meet a potential client. You won’t improvise and you will say exactly the thing that you know attracts the people’s attention to learn more.

And let me remind you that we experience information overwhelm and we are over flooded with marketing messages all the time. And that’s why capturing people’s attention is not easy. And to achieve that we need to speak about the things that they are interested in. And most likely (though it may be sad for us), it is not about us and our business.  Right now that may sound counter-intuitive to you as most likely you speak about yourself now – but that is exactly what most of the businesses do.

One of the key factors to succeed though is instead of talking about your product, to talk about what your clients want – solutions to their problems and needs. 

What else is important for your message?

For it to be compelling it should be very clear and it should be focused right on the interests and needs of your ideal client.

Only when you know your exact ideal client, you can speak their language: you can talk about their needs, their problems, their challenges and fears, their desires and goals. And by doing that you immediately increase your positioning on the marketplace as your competitors most likely do not do it. And that immediately makes you more wanted and your products and services have a higher perceived value (which means you can charge higher prices).

So, you see why it is important to know who your ideal client is.

How to define your ideal client is beyond to scope of this report, so I will leave it for another report or article. Now, it is important to understand the biggest mistake most business owners do and of course, not to do it.

The biggest mistake most business owners do…

This biggest mistake is to try to work for everyone. And that is usually a result of a fear not to lose someone as a client. I personally had experienced that in the past There was a point in my career when I used to say that “I work with small business owners and top managers in bigger companies”…. You could see why I did this, but once I heard from a mentor that if you had “and” in your client profile basically you were not clear about your target market. J

And believe me, by attending many networking meetings, I have heard dozens of business owners basically saying “we do everything for everyone that needs it”. That is not a compelling message at all and you should avoid saying such a thing at all cost.

We all want to position ourselves as experts that can be trusted. To achieve that, your message needs to be very clear and it should be about them. If your message is more general, most likely you won’t attract the clients you want.

So, lets’ define the formula for the short elevator speech.

  1. You need to describe who you work with (your ideal client). E.g. “I work with small business owners”
  2. You need to clearly say what you provide as result (include their most desired outcome). E.g. “I help them make more money”

And surprise….. basically that is.

My short elevator speech is just that:

I am Alexander and I am a business coach. I help small business owners to earn more and work less.

Well, there is also a full formula that also includes what makes you different from your competitors. And you may describe more of your clients’ problems and the solutions that you provide. This longer version you put on your website and you use in your 40-60 second presentation at networking events. But let’s keep things simple now and focus only on the short version. After all, that’s the one you will use more often than anything else.

So, here’s my assignment for you:

  1. Use the above template of 2 steps and create a 1-2 sentence elevator speech for yourself.
  2. Say it to 20 people who are qualified to be your clients and see how they react.
  3. If necessary, edit your speech and make it more compelling and specific.
  4. Once you feel confident, use that message every time you meet a potential client. And let me know how it works…

After working with so many business owners, I have seen that the message is the single most important thing that can bring different results for a business. So, do the assignment and you will see how your results get better.

And of course, there are so many other steps and strategies that you need to take in order to drastically improve your business and make more money. And I will be happy to share many of these strategies in my bi-weekly Business Growth Strategies which I will send to you via email.

But don’t forget: the 2-step template for your message in this report is your first, and most likely, most important step. Be sure to follow through and do it.

Wishing you even bigger success,


P.S. If you have read this free report, congratulations! If you simply jumped here…. Well, you need to go back and read it. Most of the people just order something and never use it, but I wish something much better for you. Let me know what you have realized after reading this report and how you will do things differently in the future. I am here to serve you.