Alexander Nikolov

is a Business Consultant and Coach, creator of the 7 Steps Formula for Business Growth, author of two books – Business Growth and Mindset for Results (both books published in Bulgarian). He helps small business owners who struggle with lack of clients to make more money, and to work less time.

What separates Alexander’s work from that of other business consultants is that he works exclusively with small business owners and is focused on providing results to them. In his work, he follows a process of proven strategies for business growth, which his clients can apply step by step. What also distinguishes his approach is that he provides specific guidance and many how-to solutions (templates, scripts, models) that small business owners can easily implement in their work.

As a result, his clients earn more money and grow their business in a time they previously thought impossible while enjoying more free time. And best of all, coaching investment is usually paid off quickly by the new business his clients attract.

To learn more, see his interview here.

Alexander Nikolov is featured in various Bulgarian web sites and magazines.

My Approach 

My work is based upon proven strategies derived from my proprietary 7-step Formula for Business Growth. All these strategies and the 7 steps are grouped in 3 key pillars that lead to predictable results: more clients, more money, business growth and more free time.

With this approach we achieve:

  • Business growth for a shorter period of time with less efforts
  • Bigger profits with actions that you can take step-by-step
  • Support from other advancing business owners like you so that you are not alone
  • Accountability to stay committed and responsible to implement everything that is important for your business
  • You receive guidance from someone who has already walked the path
  • You have more free time for yourself and your family