Criteria On How to Choose Which Business Coach to Work With

Criteria On How to Choose Which Business Coach to Work With

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If you believe that coaching might help you achieve the desired results faster and with less effort, it is also important to know how to correctly choose your business coach.

So: how to choose a business coach?

Coaching became popular in recent years and this led to a great variety of coaches (including business coaches). Personally, I believe that if our goal is to achieve results and solve problems in our business, we need to choose the business coach who is the most likely to help us achieve that. I myself used to work with a business coach from the US for 4 years now and participated in a rather expensive coaching programme. The results I achieved during these 4 years went beyond my initial expectations by a large margin and this helped me pay off the initial investment quickly. Then, I moved into another coaching program as I follow my values and strategy to constantly grow both personally and in my business skills.

In order to help you take the right decision which business coach to work with, I will share the criteria I adhere to. Use them if you find them logical and if you decide to work with a business coach at a certain point, and you will most likely make the best possible choice for yourself.

Key criterion No 1:
Choose a business coach who is already successful.

For me it makes no sense to work with someone who has not yet obtained the results that I want to achieve. If you want to attract more clients and make more money from your business, find someone who already runs a successful business. Of course, you can always benefit from someone who has not achieved results yet but the chances for that are lower. Think about it: how could someone take you to a place that they themselves haven’t reached yet? When I was in the process of selecting my business coach, I decided to work with someone who was already earning many times more than I did. And I was not wrong.

Key criterion No 2:
Choose a business coach who has their own system that leads to predictable results.

When I made my choice, I turned to a person who was systematically using and applying an approach which led to proven results. For you it is important that this approach work for your particular situation and not just give results in certain isolated cases.

Key criterion No 3:
Choose a business coach who combines training, coaching and consulting.

Many business coaches use solely a coaching approach aimed at helping you reach the necessary decisions on your own. Oftentimes, however, we simply don’t know what to do. And if our business coach asks us: “What must you do in order to attract more clients?”, too often our answer is simply “I don’t know”. Why? – think about it: if you knew the answer to that question, you would have gone for it. Thus, in some situations you simply don’t know what to do or don’t have the necessary strategies. In this case, in addition to the standard coaching approach, we also need someone who can teach us exactly what to do and exactly how to apply it in our situation. This is why you should look for coaching programmes that combine elements of

Key criterion No 4:
Choose a business coach who can provide you with ready-made decisions.

Think how easy it would be if you had fill-in-the-blank templates and scripts to apply directly to your situation. Or if your business coach provided you with the best practices on how to do something. Then you are most likely to achieve results and you also have to exert less effort. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, you use strategies that have been proven to work.

When I set up my coaching programmes, I strived to create them in a way that corresponds to my personal criteria on selecting a business coach.

In these programmes I provide proven strategies to attract more clients that the business owners (who have selected me as their business coach) can apply step by step. These strategies are based on my Formula of 7 Steps for Business Growth. I help my clients develop the mindset that would attract business and plan their activities in a way that is conducive to reaching their goals.

And this process of interaction between a business owner and a business coach leads to:

  • Business growth with less effort and in shorter time;
  • Bigger profits and more money;
  • Contacts with other advancing business owners like you, so that you are not alone;
  • Reducing the trial and error risk;
  • Being constantly motivated to make the necessary changes;
  • Constant development;
  • Reducing the complexity of your business as you are provided with clear and easy to follow steps.

If you’d like to see more about my approach and the way I help my clients to earn more and work less, take a look at my programs here, or simply click on the button below and complete the form to apply for a free introductory session with me.