Get inspired by successful stories of some of my clients

  • Ivaylo Kunev about his coaching program with Alexander NikolovIvaylo Kunev
    Before working with Alexander, I had difficulty structuring a marketing approach to attract clients. The daily difficulties did not allow me to see the potential of my business. After the coaching program, I have a very specific strategy that I apply every day, and a huge amount of enthusiasm to work on developing my business. For 3 months, thanks to working with Alexander, I have achieved great […]
  • Ivayla Yankova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovIvayla Yankova
    I hesitated for a long time before joining a coaching program, because I doubted whether I would actually implement all the things, and the investment was not small. Now, after 6 months of working with Alexander, I attract exactly the people who are my ideal clients and to whom I can give the most value. This August (which is typically the weakest month of the year) is my strongest month so far […]
  • Galya Stoykova and Magi Bogdanova about their work with Alexander NikolovArgia
    We decided to work with Alexander because we needed time to take action and to have someone to hold us accountable. Before working with Alexander, it was very difficult for us to deal with many aspects of our business and there were many unanswered questions. After starting the coaching program with him, we slowly found out where our shortcomings are and most importantly – we received […]
  • Dr. simeon Velinov about his coaching program with Alexander NikolovSimeon Velinov
    “Before working with Alexander, I had a problem communicating the price to my patients and many of them just gave up and did not become my clients; my profits were not good even though I was very busy. Two years later, my income has tripled, my schedule is full and at the same time, I have a lot more free time.” Dr. Simeon Velinov, dentist […]
  • Maria Goranova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovMaria Goranova
    Before I came across Alexander’s program, I was lost in my business. I worked mainly as a contractor for clients attracted by my partners, and I had very few clients which I could say were my clients. I worked hard and had no time for myself. In the last year, I have undergone a complete transformation. Now I have 2.5 times more projects and all of them have been won by me personally; my […]
  • Rumyana Nikolova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovRumyana Nikolova
    “My situation was critical and I was literally under pressure. We started working with Alexander on January 10, 2015. In just 1 month I sold new services that we used to make for half a year. Then, until the end of the first year of our work, we had months in which we achieved our previous annual turnovers. This gave us not only fresh money, but also the opportunity to reinvest in new […]
  • Martin and Dimitar about their coaching program with Alexander NikolovAdiantus
    “Problems with finding new clients, not knowing how to present our services, working day and night, no days off, and stagnation for one year … We are Martin and Dimitar Proev – brothers of 26 and 27 years, and this is what our business looked like after 3 years. We were experiencing difficulties in different parts of our business, but we thought it was due to lack of experience or […]
  • Zornitza Giurova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovZornitsa Gyurova
    In just 3 months, my income tripled, after I started to practice everything we did on the very first day. For the past 3 months I have done so many new things that I had not done in my business in the prior 9 years. Alexander has opened a new world for me and I feel like a kid at a grocery store. Alexander’s program gave me focus and tools I had never used before. I started doing a lot of […]
  • Vania Vasileva about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovVania Vasileva
    My biggest problems were with the attraction of new clients and with the fact that I had to work with very low prices which didn’t reflect the value I was giving. I had the need for someone to show me where to start so I could overcome those (and many others) difficulties. The things I value the most from Alexander’s couching program are the group sessions, in which I benefit from his coaching on […]
  • Elena Kortezova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovElena Kortezova
    My name is Elena Kortezova and I am a psychologist and a spoken therapist. I am the owner of Center for development of the speech and for psychology “Logos – EA“ in Burgas, Bulgaria. Although, I had more than 25-year experience and practice, it turned out that my biggest difficulties were connected with some of my personal beliefs. For example, I used to hold the belief: “I am too good in […]
  • Nadia Barbova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovNadia Barbova
    Before meeting Alexander I was working more but did not have the expected results. After working with him I have improved my personal organization, my way of communication with my business partners and created consistency in my activities. I have increased my income 3 times in 1 year and I have received the guidance to move my business to the next level. Thanks to that I now keep my motivation […]
  • Iva Balasheva about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovIva Balasheva
    Since I joined Alexander’s coaching program 3 months ago, I have made huge shifts in my business model and have tripled my clients and my income. Now, I work on a longer-term subscription basis with my clients offering them different programs from which they can chose the best option for them.” Iva Balasheva, Business Owner, IVB, HR consultant […]
  • Emilia Tzvetkova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovEmilia Tzvetkova
    For close to 1 year, Alexander’s coaching program has brought me a 50% growth in my 9-year business. His program constantly gives me feedback of what I am doing and provides me with opportunity to meet other advancing people – who think like me. Emilia Tzvetkova Sky-XS, Area Manager for Bulgaria […]
  • Daniela spasova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovDaniela Spasova
    Only 3 years ago I was asking myself whether it was time to close my business. Now, in March of this year, only from one of my businesses I earn income that 3 years ago I earnt from my two businesses together for the entire year. My yearly income has now become my monthly income! Daniela Spasova, Owner of school for cosmetologists “Health and Beauty” Owner of a beauty salon “Divna Medic” […]
  • Andrey Kamenov about his coaching program with Alexander NikolovAndrey Kamenov
    Alexander’s system has brought me clarity. Now the negotiations with clients are much easier because they can see clearly how I can help them. For 3 months we have attracted 3 major banks which were exactly our ideal client. For the last month alone, we have a 120% increase compared to the same period last year. The investment in Alexander’s coaching program showed me the shortest way to reach my […]
  • Veronika Ilieva about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovVeronika Ilieva
    I was working hard, at evenings and weekend and yet, I did not have the income I desired. Now, the weekends are reserved for my family and we have a vacation every month – something we have not experienced for years. For 4 months, I have doubled my revenues as I now charge higher prices which reflect better the value I give to my clients. The investment in Alexander’s coaching program has paid […]
  • Nevena Kafedjieva about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovNevena Kafedjieva
    The work with Alexander has given me a new look at my business and my opportunities. For the past 12 months, my revenues have grown 50% and I have not yet implemented everything Alexander taught me. Nevena Kafedjieva, DG Consulting Consultancy for preparing and shipping dangerous goods in compliance with regulations […]
  • Theoroda Marinova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovTheodora Marinova
    I have worked with Alexander in his platinum (individual) coaching program for 7 months now. Thanks to the work with him we achieved extraordinary results in our business. Our revenues have grown 3 times. We have increased our Facebook page fans from 7,000 to 15,000 for only 4 months. And the best is, these 15,000 fans (and counting) have become real clients of our online shop. Teodora Marinova, […]
  • Nelly Petrova about her coaching program with Alexander NikolovNelly Petrova
    Before starting to work with Alexander, I closed 3 of my beauty salons and was wondering how to continue my business… After working with Alexander for 1 year, I have increased my clients 2 times and my profit with 50%. His coaching program has given me clarity how to develop my business and to see much more way to reach new clients. Nelly Petrova, Owner of beauty salons chain “Green life club” […]
  • Hristo Petrovabout his coaching program with Alexander NikolovHristo Petrov
    The work with Alexander Nikolov brought me 3 major results: I focused on my company’s vision with which I started my firm and I learnt what I need to do to stick to it all the time; I doubled my productivity and I increased the profitability of my business thus doubling my personal income. Hristo Petrov, owner of accountant firm “Golden Vision” […]