Coaching Programs


In his coaching programs, Alexander Nikolov uses his proprietary BG 3x system.

This system is based on 3 main pillars that bring predictable results in business: more clients, more money and more free time. 

Through this approach, you can achieve:

  • Business growth with less efforts for shorter time
  • Bigger profits with actions that you can take step-by-step.
  • You will be constantly motivated to do what’s necessary in your business
  • You will be held accountable to follow through
  • You will have more free time to spend with your family and with yourself

All programs are 12-month long and are for people who want to take consistent action and want to build their strategy, plan and discuss their ideas with me as well as the specific tasks they are currently working on and want to follow my guidance. By working together, our aim is for you to move quickly and eliminate any obstacles that are currently in front of you so that you can attract clients faster than if you were acting alone .

In each program described below you will get valuable tools, strategies and tasks to do. During our calls I am here to answer your questions, discuss your accomplished tasks, and set up an action plan to double your business in record time.

Diamond Program
“Business Growth”

36 hours individual coaching, constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 36 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 3 calls per month). This program gives the best results because it includes most time with me.

Platinum Program
“Business Growth”

24 hours individual coaching, 
constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 24 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 2 sessions per month).

Sapphire Program
“Business Growth”

12 hours individual coaching, 
constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 12 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 1 session per month). This program is more suitable for people who are more advanced in marketing and sales and do not need much teachings on these topics. Or, it can be used as a supporting program after completing one of the 12-month programs above.

Would you like me to help you
to create the strategy for growth of your business
in the next 12 months?

Being always busy in the day-to-day tasks, perhaps you don’t make time to strategize and to look your business from outside: to see what’s working and what’s not, to define your goals and your next steps.

We can work together on your strategy and plan during an intoductory session. This is a 30-min session (completely free for you) where I get to know your situation and then help you create your plan and discuss with you the possible solutions.

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