Alexander Nikolov Business Consultant and Coach

Interview with Alexander Nikolov

How long have you worked as a business coach and mentor and why do you do this?

To answer this question, it may be best to tell you how I started my business and how I got where I am now.

The idea to start my own business was born in 2010 – at that time I was working as an employee – financial analyst and portfolio manager. However, I wanted to do something that would inspire me truly and would have a bigger impacts on people’s lives. And I wanted more free time and freedom to choose what I want to do. I started my coaching business in January 2012 – from scratch … In the beginning I suffered to attract enough clients. Although I initially managed to reach a certain level of revenue, for three years in a row I was still at the same level and could not cross the f 50,000 mark in my business. I was disappointed that I was not growing and could not cross that number. And honestly, back then I started to doubt that I would have a really big business that was going to impact many people and I would make really good money. I doubted because I had tried many approaches, yet I did not get the results I wanted.

I was on a verge of deciding what to do and made the decision to continue. I understood that I would fail only if I decided to quit. And I made 3 very important decisions: 1) Continued to study from the best and test everything; 2.) I hired a really successful mentor (a multi-million business owner) and 3.)I made the decision to do everything that I was telling my clients to do. Looking back, I see how important that third decision was. “To do everything that I teach others” is something that most of my competitors never do and probably are not willing to do.

With these 3 decisions and testing a huge variety of marketing and business strategies, I found those that work and separated them from those that did not work. And I found an approach that could provide predictable results – usually in a very short period of time. I called this approach the 7-step Formula for Business Growth.

I couldn’t believe it at the time, but my business grew by over 120% in 2015, and as a 6-digit business it continued to grow in the following years, eventually making it a multiple 6-digit business. And I am able to achieve that having one week off every single month.  Best of all, using the same strategies and techniques, I have helped hundreds of small business owners to double and triple their businesses in record time. Many of my clients have achieved results that previously thought were impossible. I am now the premier and most sought coach and consultant in Bulgaria.

How do my clients achieve such results? – following a step-by-step approach that positions better their business in the marketplace, increases the number of marketing channels they use and improving their sales approach.

Now I am committed to helping as many business owners as possible. My mission is to help them make more money while serving much more people in the world.

Who are your clients?

I work with people like you – small business owners. I help them to be focused on achieving the results they want, to have more clients, more profits and more free time for themselves. I have worked with architects,interior designers, beauty salons, holistic therapists , many business owners in the field of network marketing and direct sales, tea manufacturers, transportation, dentists, consultants, accountatns and many more.

What if you haven’t worked with clients in my industry so far?

My programs are based on the BG 3x system I created, in which we focus in three key directions:

  • To make changes in your mindset sot that you take action with confidence and you have the identity of a person who can earn many times more.
  • To set your priorities in your work and to build a planning approach that will move you towards achieving your goals. Together with the productivity habits we build, this will give you much more time for the really important things in your business and free time for yourself.
  • Apply strategies for attracting new clinets – proven strategies to position yourself in the market, to attract customers through many channels and to improve your sales skills.

So, no matter what industry your business is in, I will teach you these strategies step by step and we will work on creating mindset that attracts business.

What sets you apart?

Unlike most business coaches and consultants, my focus is on your results. That’s why I have learned and continue to learn strategies from the best personal development and business mentors in the world.  top personal development, productivity and planning, sales, and customer acquisition consultants. I was coached for 4 years by a top business mentor and I also had the chance to work as a coach for their clients during that time. I have also perfected my skills in helping people successfully build their mindset for success by overcoming their fears, doubts, unproductive habits and limiting beliefs. Personally, I am really a focused and disciplined person and that helps me a lot. I know many entrepreneurs are not wired that way so I give them the tools to develop that part as well. It is almost impossible to achieve results if you can’t stay focused and committed on what is really important.

What is expected from me?

You are required to be committed to achieving your goals and doing everything we do in our calls together. Apply everything you learn in the program. Our focus should be on implementation. The people who commit to the program and are willing to follow the steps get the best results. That’s being said, my goal is to hold you accountable and to show you all the things you do that stop you. Excuses and victim mentality are not tolerated in the program.

Who are your programs not for?

I carefully select the people I work with, choosing only those who I believe will achieve results. For people who are lazy, always skeptical and who complain all the time and look for reasons outside why they have not achieved something, I recommend working with another coach. I am simply not suitable for them.

One situation that my program is not suitable for you is you struggle financially. While the program is designed in a way to quickly pay off itself, sometimes you will need 4-6 months before you gain your investment back (though there were people who paid back the entire 12-month investment just after 1 or 2 months working with me). So, if this is your situation, where you simply cannot afford to invest in yourself for at least 4-6 months, I would advise you not to join my programs. And if that’s the case, believe me, I was there too. Years ago I wanted to work with a mentor but I just couldn’t afford the investment. So I had followed her for 3 years before I joined her program. And yes, then I grew much faster and regret for not taking the step earlier. But that was I could afford at the time. If that’s your situation, follow my free trainings and blog posts and try to apply what you learn. This way you will move faster to a place where I’d be happy to accept you in my programs.

What is your approach in coaching?

In my coaching programs, I am focused on achieving results for my clients. And even though I call my programs “coaching programs” they are not exactly pure coaching. I have included lots of templates, scripts and models to follow, i.e. the exact “how to”. You are also provided with creative solutions and best practices that you can apply to your situation. So you may find that I consult you more than I coach you.

And there is a reason for that.

Here’s what it is.

Back when I started I invested in many trainings, learnt a lot of things but found it difficult to apply what I learnt. And back then I couldn’t find anybody who could tell me exactly what to do, what to include in my sales letters, how to create certain marketing materials, etc. So, I developed my program in a way that it provides all of that. In addition I believe in accountability so I will hold you accountable to do what you said was going to do. J

BG3x System for business growth

BG3x System of Alexander Nikolov for business growth

The methodology in my Business Growth programs is based on proven strategies from the BG 3x system I created. This system is built on 3 main pillars that lead to predictable business results: more s, more money and more free time.

Through this approach, you can achieve:

  • Business growth with less efforts for shorter time
  • Bigger profits with actions that you can take step-by-step.
  • You will be constantly motivated to do what’s necessary in your business
  • You will be held accountable to follow through
  • You will have more free time to spend with your family and with yourself

Does your approach work?

Yes. You can also see the testimonials of some of my clients by visiting this page .

What results can I expect?

Of course, I do not claim that you will achieve the results that many of my past clients have achieved. At least because at the moment I don’t know the details of your business. And to be honest: many people do achieve results, but not all. In addition to learning a lot of new things, you are asked to do them consistently. If you do, you can expect business growth, more profits and more money. And at the same time, you will create systems for everything in your business: so that it can function as a machine even when you are not there.

How fast can I expect results?

Obviously, the results will depend on the type of business you are in, as well as how quickly you implement the strategies that I will give you. There are clients who, in the first month, achieve such results that they pay off their coaching investment for the entire year. But you may consider these situation as exceptions. More often, the majority of my clients get strong business results (more clients, more money) after working with me for 4-6 months.

How can I be sure that I will grow my business?

The 7-step formula for business growth that I have developed is based on my extensive experience and knowledge accumulated by top executives in the world: in the field of personal transformation, overcoming the mental barriers within us, client attraction, sales, time management, and business planning and system building. The clients I’ve worked with who implemented these steps and strategies have achieved business growth in a much shorter time than they would have done if they worked alone. And one last thing: everything that I will teach you or consult you, I have done it myself! That’s what separates me from most of my colleagues and that’s why I have much more happy clients that the other business programs out there.

I want to work with you, Alexander. What are the options that I have?

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in yourself and to work for even greater success.

All programs are 12-month long and are for people who want to take consistent action and want to build their strategy, plan and discuss their ideas with me as well as the specific tasks they are currently working on and want to follow my guidanceBy working together, our aim is for you to move quickly and eliminate any obstacles that are currently in front of you so that you can attract clients faster than if you were acting alone .

In each program described below you will get valuable tools, strategies and tasks to do. During our calls I am here to answer your questions, discuss your accomplished tasks, and set up an action plan to double your business in record time.

Diamond Program “Business Growth”

36 hours individual coaching, constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 36 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 3 calls per month). This program gives the best results because it includes most time with me.

Platinum Program “Business Growth”

24 hours individual coaching, constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 24 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 2 sessions per month).

Sapphire Program “Business Growth”

12 hours individual coaching, constant email support.

With this option, we schedule 12 60-minute calls over a 12-month period (typically 1 session per month). This program is more suitable for people who are more advanced in marketing and sales and do not need much teachings on these topics. Or, it can be used as a supporting program after completing one of the 12-month programs above.

OK, how do I start?

Wonderful! One of the traits of successful people is that they make the decisions quickly. This skill leads them to achieve results much faster than others.

If you are ready, email me at or click the button below and fill out form – we will schedule a short introductory session where I will get to know your situation better and we will discuss how we are going to work.

If I’m not ready to start, how can I see the things you are doing that will still benefit me?

The easiest way is by subscribing to receive my bi-weekly email strategies. You will also receive invitations for online trainings and in-person live events which I love to do a lot.  Usually these events are free of charge for you and will allow you to learn many strategies and steps to apply. That way you will also get a better taste of what it is to be working with me on a more consistent basis. To subscribe, enter your name and email address in the form at the top right of this page .

I still have questions, can I contact you?

Of course. If you have any questions, write to  and I or my team will give you answers to everything you need to know.

Let’s start:
make an invisible change now
and achieve visible results later!