Likora Testimonials

Martin and Dimitar about their coaching program with Alexander Nikolov

Martin and Dimitar,
“Adiantus” –
a landscaping company

“Problems with finding new clients, not knowing how to present our services, working day and night, no days off, and stagnation for one year … We are Martin and Dimitar Proev – brothers of 26 and 27 years, and this is what our business looked like after 3 years. We were experiencing difficulties in different parts of our business, but we thought it was due to lack of experience or circumstances. Our idea of our own business was not that, and we realized that in order to continue, we needed the right working strategies and knowledge that we had nowhere to learn.
That was the case until we found Alexander Nikolov and started working with him to improve our business. The benefits of working together are many, but we want to share the three most significant improvements to our business:

1.) We identified our ideal clients and we reached our full capacity. We were able to save a lot of energy and time in working with with non-ideal clients;

2.) We eliminated unnecessary activities that have scattered us and we focused only on the most desired services by our clients, which increased our efficiency and productivity;

3.) For the 2018 season, we achieved 130% growth in our business compared to the 2017 season. And thanks to Alexander’s program, we found a way to generate income for the entire year, and this solved our problem of allocating funds for the winter (we are a landscaping company and in the past we had revenues only from April until October).

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with an expert like Alexander! If anyone has doubts about the value of working with him or his programs, he can email us at: We would be happy to talk about it.

Martin and Dimitar,
“Adiantus” – a landscaping company