Rumyana Nikolova

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Rumyana Nikolova about her coaching program with Alexander Nikolov

Rumyana Nikolova,
Owner of “Holimed” – Holistic Medicine Center

“My situation was critical and I was literally under pressure. We started working with Alexander on January 10, 2015. In just 1 month I sold new services that we used to make for half a year. Then, until the end of the first year of our work, we had months in which we achieved our previous annual turnovers. This gave us not only fresh money, but also the opportunity to reinvest in new technologies and offer even more optimal solutions for our patients. More and more people recognize us as their solution and we have already automated most of our processes so that I can safely be absent from business. The investment in Alexander’s program is not low, but it is invaluable.”

Rumyana Nikolova,
Owner of “Holimed” –  Holistic Medicine Center