Zornitsa Gyurova

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Zornitza Giurova about her coaching program with Alexander Nikolov

Zornitsa Gyurova,
Holistic consultant,
Theta healer

In just 3 months, my income tripled, after I started to practice everything we did on the very first day. For the past 3 months I have done so many new things that I had not done in my business in the prior 9 years. Alexander has opened a new world for me and I feel like a kid at a grocery store. Alexander’s program gave me focus and tools I had never used before. I started doing a lot of things that I was afraid of before and couldn’t even think to do. As a result, my income has increased dramatically and I have many more clients with whom I work long-term. In just 3 months, the coaching program paid back the investment for the entire year. From here on, Alexander’s program is free for me!

Zornitsa Gyurova,
Holistic consultant, Theta healer