Sometimes motivation is not enough!

Sometimes motivation is not enough!

Alexander Nikolov Strategies for Business Growth

Many people try but are not consistent in:

  • Eating healthy
  • Going to the gym regularly
  • Prospecting new clients every day
  • Attending networking events regularly
  • Working on the growth strategy of their business.
  • ……

 Maybe you try to do one of the above things or any other thing that you know it is good for you…. And you are not doing it consistently or even at all!

At the same time we know people who look like robots:

  • They work out every day
  • They are careful what they put in their mouth
  • They spend 2 hours every day speaking with new prospects or lead-generating new prospects.
  • ….

Many people believe the difference between the first group and the second group is motivation.


very often motivation is not the main factor

especially when you try something new and you don’t have results yet.

And that’s why so many people quickly lose their motivation and give up.

There is something else that precedes motivation when you want to create a new empowering habit or behavior. You will find this factor in today’s video below:


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