Do you take decisive actions to attract clients?

Do you take enough actions to attract new clients?

Alexander Nikolov Strategies for Business Growth

To attract successfully new clients

is crucial for the survival and growth of your business. And in order to attract new clients you need to take action in the field of marketing and sales…

I don’t know what it’s like for you, but most small business owners don’t like to do marketing and sales. And there are different reasons for that.

Why do most small business owners not like to market and sell?

Many people have never studied marketing and therefore do not understand it. Others have studied marketing, which is taught in universities, tried it and had no result. When it comes to sales, most people are afraid of rejection, fear that they are pressuring others and do not believe that they can succeed. The result is that they do nothing to attract clients and just wait. But rarely clients come from nowhere without any effort.

To be honest, years ago I also didn’t like marketing and sales (as strange as it is today). It seemed to me that this was not for me, that it was difficult, and that I was not the type of person who could do marketing or sell directly (despite my good presentation skills). I wanted someone else to do it, if possible to attract clients, and I to act only as an expert – to work with clients who have already come to me.

But why do we need to work purposefully to attract clients?

The reality is that with such an approach, in which you do not work purposefully to attract clients , you soon run out of clients and thus deprive your business growth.

When I realized the latter, it became clear to me that I needed to do marketing to attract clients . However, my mindset towards marketing and sales changed only after I mastered proven strategies that work to attract new clients. I  invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to study the experience of the world’s top performers and people who have built multimillion-dollar businesses. I also hired a U.S mentor and only then I learned approaches that work and that resulted in shift of my mindset.

Today I have no doubt that if you do not do marketing and do not meet with potential customers, there is no way to grow your business. Moreover, there will inevitably come a time when there will simply be no one to offer your products or services to if you do nothing to attract clients .

What is your mindset in regard with attracting new clients?

Think about your mindset about marketing and sales. Do you have resistance to these activities? If you have internal resistance, ask yourself what they are caused by: the fact that you do not know the strategies that bring\ results, the fear that things will not work out, the fear of being rejected?

What are the steps that lead to attracting clients?

In my approach, part of the BG 3x system for business growth, I have 3 key steps that lead to attracting clients .

The first step is your positioning at the marketplace.

And it starts with knowing your ideal client.

And then is your message that differentiates you clearly from your competitors and gets the attention of your ideal clients. The number one thing we need to work on in our business is getting people’s attention – I think you know why.

The second step in attracting clients is to activate and use many different marketing channels.

The effect on your business will be completely different if your message reaches your ideal clients via one channel or via 10-12 channels. Obviously, in the second case you will attract many more clients. Take a look at how many  channels you use now and consider whether you can add something else to your marketing mix, like referral generation system, networking, strategic partners, public lectures, online blog, social media advertising, email marketing, trade shows, etc.

And the third step to attract clients is to create a sales script that works.

When you have clarity on how to lead your sales calls and know exactly what questions to ask, in what sequence to ask them, how to present the benefits of your product, how to close the deal and how to deal with objections, you will have much more success. And more importantly, when you have a sales script that you follow, you will be able to improve it!

Your task now

is to see if the beliefs about sales and marketing that you have hold up until now serve you or not.  What will it cost you if you continue not to make marketing and sales your top priority?

And maybe you need to shift some of those beliefs that hold you back…

And think about what actions you will take to install these new beliefs in yourself.

And let me know what you think on the topic of this article.

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