Overcome your fears and act in a bigger way

Overcome your fears and act in a bigger way

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Do you sometimes feel that you are sabotaging yourself when there are good  opportunities in front of you to change your life and your business?

We all have fears and very often these fears stop us from making the changes that are so important to us – both in our personal life and in our business.

It even happens (and it has happened to me personally) that we see certain opportunities with which we can move our business even faster, but we simply do not take advantage of them. The reason? – fear . Fear of making a mistake, fear of losing money, fear of exposing yourself… I can bet you have experienced some of these and perhaps other types of fear as well. These fears paralyze us to act and really limit us – we play small.

These fears prevent us from making important investments in our business: in a new office, in a new employee, in a training or coaching program. These fears prevent us from contacting clients or strategic partners who could bring us more business. These fears stop us from saying “no” when we have to say “no”.

However, in order to succeed in business, it is important to overcome our fears and start acting in a bigger way.

Think about what it would be like to act on a larger scale, without fear of making a mistake, without fear of losing, being criticized, or being rejected. Really, stop for a second and think about it.

I bet the opportunities in front of you will be much greater if you really get rid of your fears.

And the question is, how can we get rid of our fears?

Here are three steps I use so I am sure you can use too.

The first step is to discover and honestly admit what you are afraid of:

rejection, criticism, failure, success, poverty, losing money… Write now the things you are afraid of. Write down the things you are afraid of outside of business. For example, I was afraid of heights, afraid of water slides, afraid of snakes….

The second step is to decide that it is important for you to overcome these fears.

Think and write about how these fears have limited you so far, how they limit you now, and how they will continue to limit you in the future. Find strong reasons why you want to overcome these fears .

The third step is to change your mindset towards these fears.

Here you can use a variety of techniques. I personally use techniques from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and energy psychology to break the current pattern and program a mindset of confidence, determination and courage. And finally, I take the action I’m afraid of. And yes, I feel fear and I act in spite of it.

Overcome your fears and act in a bigger way

A while back I made a sky-dived from 3,500 meters. And yes, I was definitely worried (especially when the door of the moving plane opened and I heard a gust of wind outside). But I had made the decision and just stuck to it:

I felt fear, but I acted nevertheless.

And you may be wondering, why on earth, I have decided to sky-dive from 3500 meters and how this can help my business. Well, in addition to helping me overcome my fear of heights, it expands my comfort zone. Doing something that I previously thought impossible changes my beliefs and what is possible in business as well. Now that I think of something that I am afraid of, I immediately tell myself that since I’ve made that extreme leap, I can do anything else as well.

Your task now is to take the 3 steps I shared with you and constantly look for ways to expand your comfort zone.

Challenge yourself with things you are afraid of, and you will see how once you do them, you become more confident and you begin to act in a bigger way. And this is a sure way to grow your business.

(and you know, you don’t have to sky-dive to expand your comfort zone. There are so many things you can do to achieve that).

As always, I can’t wait to read what you think: scroll down and share your thoughts on what fears you have and how you can use the strategies in this article to overcome them.

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