Business Consultant: when do we need one and when it won’t cost money to us?

Business Consultant: when do we need one and when it won’t cost money to us?

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What is a business consultant?

This is a specialist who gives you guidelines, strategies and advice related to the development of your business. When it comes to business consulting, it is most often used for strategic planning, optimizing the company’s costs, increasing sales, reaching more clients, pricing, creating a business plan and everything else that is important to the growth of the business.

An important distinction between business consulting, coaching and training.

In fact, these are three different ways a business owner can help grow their business.


is related to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in marketing, sales, planning, etc. And the purpose of these skills and knowledge is then to apply them and get results.
The greatest difficulty here is in applying what has been learned. Even if you attend the best seminars and training programs, if you do not apply things, you will not have different results. And many times business owners have difficulty applying things. Either because they just don’t apply what they learn, or they try, but they encounter something that stops them and they can’t move forward.


is a process in which a business coach helps you find the solutions you need and keeps you accountable for implementing them. The difficulty here is that sometimes there are things you just can’t do on your own and you don’t know how to do. And no matter how much someone helps you to activate your inner resources, you can’t do something you don’t even know exists.

Finally comes business consulting.

Here, the business consultant helps you with specific solutions and guidelines by literally telling you what “exactly to do”. All of this is very useful, but sometimes you do things that you don’t even know why you are doing them, and then when you’re alone again, you can’t do them again.

When I got excited about being a business coach 12 years ago and then started my business, I saw the advantages and limitations of these three approaches: business training, business coaching and business consulting.
I myself needed all three to grow my business. And I had nowhere to find such a service. I had to either hire a coach, or study business seminars, or look for a consultant.

My personal needs motivated me to create

an approach that successfully combines the advantages of all three ways .

And I created programs in which I train my clients in new techniques, strategies, skills. At the same time, I coach them by helping them activate the resources they have but don’t use and be constantly motivated. Finally, I tell my clients exactly how to do something when they need a specific guidance.

The combination of coaching, consulting and training is also the reason why so many business owners have doubled their business in a time they previously thought impossible.

Finally, let’s address the question that is in the title of this article: when does business coaching and business consulting not cost money?

This is a big question because usually these services are not cheap. And a lot of time, they cost a lot. I mean: a lot!
However, I believe that

consulting and coaching should bring you money, not cost you money. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. Under several conditions.

First, when we combine the benefits of coaching, consulting and training.

Second, when the business consultant, coach and trainer has already walked the path and can really give the client proven strategies that he/she has personally made.

And third, when in addition to the whole process of training, coaching and consulting, there is a community of advanced business owners. To be constantly surrounded by people who can support you, celebrate success with you and truly understand you when you have difficult situations…

The Business Growth programs I have created give exactly that.

Thanks to this approach, business owners achieve business growth and earn more money by implementing working strategies, step by step. These programs eliminate the need of the “trial and error” principle and give you the opportunity to never be alone in business. That way, you have access to someone who has already walked the path and is a few steps ahead. And thanks to this, business is no longer such a complicated thing, because you can grow it step by step through strategies and techniques that give predictable results.

You can learn more about the Business Growth programs at this link.

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