Elevator Speech:
What to Say Every Time You Meet a Potential Client
to Get Their Attention and Motivate Them
to Buy Your Product or Service

I am Alexander Nikolov and I am a business coach and consultant.
I help the small business owners to earn more and work less.
I have helped hundreds of small business owners to double their business in record time.

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I believe every business owner can reach more clients,
make more money and have more free time!

Are you ready to earn more in your business without being overwhelmed?

Who you are:

You are a small business owner who works alone or with a small team. And most likely, your focus is to get more clients, to earn more money and to make your results more predictable. At the same time, you are looking for ways that will allow your business to work without you so that you can enjoy more free time.

What your challenges tend to be:

If I am right (based on working with hundreds of small biz owners), your main challenge is to get more clients consistently. Perhaps, you work a lot, but that does not always translate into bigger results. If you have a team, you probably feel that your people cannot do everything that you do and you do not rely fully on them. As result, sometimes you doubt that you will manage to achieve significant growth in your business.

What do you need most now:

What you need most right now is a system of proven strategies to reach more clients that you can apply step by step and a sales approach that consistently works for you. You also need knowledge how to attract and keep top performers in your team. You need focus and discipline and a planning system that guarantees you are moving toward your goals every week.

You don’t have to be alone!

Take a look to see how I can help with my programs.


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Would you like me to help you
to create the strategy for growth of your business
in the next 12 months?

Being always busy in the day-to-day tasks, perhaps you don’t make time to strategize and to look your business from outside: to see what’s working and what’s not, to define your goals and your next steps.

We can work together on your strategy and plan during an intoductory session. This is a 30-min session (completely free for you) where I get to know your situation and then help you create your plan and discuss with you the possible solutions.

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