You Won’t Have Results By Just Being Productive

You Won’t Have Results By Just Being Productive

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Many trainers, business coaches and personal development speakers teach us that:

To have results, you have to be productive so that you can work more!

Let’s say it directly:

This is not true!

You can be productive all day and all week and still not have the results you want.
Look at your results, look at the results of the people you think are productive, and you will be convinced.

In fact, if it were just that, almost every other person would be successful and with a constantly growing business…

In today’s video you will find out why this strategy (“be productive”) is not enough to progress in your business. You will find

what is the thing, which is even more important than being productive.

You may know (I’ve shared it in other videos and trainings) that I have one week off every month, and recently I decided to work only 4 days a week. The work I do during this time is obviously less (and maybe many times less) than the work that many other people do, and yet my business is growing every year at a high rate.

The secret? – This is the same thing I’m talking about in the video and which actually precedes your habit of being productive.



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