Build Systems in Your Business so That it Works For You

Build Systems in Your Business so That it Works For You

Alexander Nikolov Strategies for Business Growth

If you are already successful in your business, you may be one of these entrepreneurs who are satisfied with their income, but are overwhelmed with work and do not have time for the most important things in their life: to spend time with loved ones, time for yourself and to have longer vacations.

The reason is that the business works, but it works well only if you are constantly involved in it.

This is not the initial idea when someone starts a business; on the contrary, almost all entrepreneurs start their business to have a lot of free time. In reality, however, the opposite happens: the more successful you become, the more busy you are.

Apart from the effective time management that many coaches talk about (me included), another key point is to

build systems in your business.

Systems allow your business to run on autopilot – even when you’re not there. Systems allow you to follow every important step and be prepared. Otherwise, if we are not prepared and we need to do something, we will simply not do it… for the most part.

How to start creating systems in your business?
Your first step is to describe all the activities you are currently doing. And then to see which ones you can delegate or outsource to other people. As a second step, start describing the exact procedures for everything that is done in your business.

One of the most important systems in your business is to have a consistent follow-up communication

with your clients. We may want to communicate every week or every month with our current clients by sending them something useful (such as a good content) or a small gift, or a new offer designed specifically for them, or to invite them to an event or lunch/dinner. Well, these activities are all good, but it is unlikely we will follow-up if all these things are not pre-written and there is a system to make them at least partially automatic.

Consider that you see in your schedule that you are about to send a letter to your clients with certain content and this letter is not ready. It is unlikely that you will create it at the moment because you are busy with other stuff. You are more likely to put off this letter and perhaps not even send it. A follow-up communication system, in which each step is described, would give much better results instead.

What other systems do we need?

Тraining system so that we constantly train our key employees with most important skills; a system for how we connect with the client, how we conduct meetings, how we deal with objections; marketing systems on how we reach out for potential clients. Then you need some implementation systems, accounting system, etc. according to the type of business you have. You need each step of every activity well-described (documented). And try to automate it where possible using the modern technology. The ultimate goal is to

automate and delegate

most of the things so that your business can run at full speed even when you are on a long fully unplugged vacation.

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