How to hire the best people for your team

How to hire the right people for your team

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One of the biggest problems of all business owners is finding and keeping the right people on their team.

If you work with the coolest and most effective people in the world, that’s great and accept my congratulations.

However, if you are in a situation where your people do not work as you want or you cannot rely on them, I believe that this article will be useful to you.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is key to your business growth. In fact, the fastest way to grow is to work with people who are better than you in many ways. They will be a driver for you to grow and become even better.

What is important to know when hiring people?

The first and the most important thing is to not settle for less.

This is the most important and effective strategy. Hire only the best people – people who can be leaders… Very often, however, business owners hire people who are not suitable for the job or do not have the values ​​they want… simply because they have no other choice. Don’t make this mistake – hiring someone just to “have someone for the work” won’t really help you move your business forward.

In my opinion, it is important to always look for leaders: both for managerial and sales positions, as well as for back-office or secretarial activities. Don’t settle for mediocre people. If you can’t afford quality people, you can’t afford to have quality results. My experience shows that as soon as you hesitate that someone is not the right fit for you, you need to get rid of them. Six months later, you may be much more convinced that he or she is not the right fit, but getting rid of this person becomes much more difficult (due to the psychological attachment to the fact that you have already invested huge funds and time to bring them in).

Secondly, try to include in your team people who complement your strengths and who complement each other

so your whole team can become stronger. And most importantly, your team will be balanced on the strengths of the people in it.

Thirdly, select your people according to the psychological profile you need.

Not everyone is suitable for every job. One type of people are suitable for working with clients, if you hire sales people, that is totally different profile, and  people you expect to follow plans and schedules have different profile too.

One of the thing that is always important is to hire people with a great inner desire to succeed and grow – no matter what they do.

In order to recognize this quality, do not ask the standard questions at the job interview, but challenge the person, ask questions from which you can understand how she or he coped with difficult situations in the past. And hire people who continue to self-develop (just be careful and clarify things: some of the people who have told me that “yes, of course I’m focused on my personal development by reading books” later it turned out that they meant reading fiction – they just understand it as personal development).

Keeping the right people on the team

Once you hire strong people in your team, it is very important to be able to keep them. In addition to an attractive compensation system, you need to help them develop and grow (not only within your company, but also personally by acquiring specific personal and professional skills). Research shows that money is a short-term motivator. The team, the opportunities for development and the acquiring of new skills are much more important factors that keep people motivated in the long run.

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