Can we influence things outside our control?

Can we influence things outside our control?

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Today’s video is a Q&A video.

And it relates to a question from one of our subscribers who asked “can we have influence on factors in our business that are outside of our control?”

And my subscriber says that “no matter how different is one business owner from their competitors and how smart he or she is, they cannot influence factors outside their control, such as low demand, low income of their ideal clients, economic crisis, or, big competition. All these factors are “objective” in nature and it seems we can’t do anything to change them.

And actually this question contains several other questions:

Can we control anything?

Are there objective factors at the marketplace like the level of competition and the income of our ideal clients?

Can we influence these things on which we do not have control?

Is there anything we can do under the current tough economic situation following the corona virus pandemic, or we just need to give up?

I discuss these questions in the video below:


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