Optimize your environment to have more time

Optimize your environment to have more time

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Probably you, like many others who want to succeed, are overwhelmed with tasks and you constantly do not have enough time in your business and for yourself….

And maybe there are days when you cross out all of your tasks, but at the end of the day you have the feeling that you have not done the most important tasks for your business

Ask yourself,

“Of all the things I did yesterday and today which ones were really important to move forward in my business?”

Often the answer is that you have not moved forward, and the price you have paid is high – you do not have time for your family, for quality communication with your children, for yourself… You are probably wondering why this happens and why the more you grow, the more and more you don’t have enough time…

The answers to the above questions are that we very often are in a reactive mode in which we do only the urgent things.

And these things that may be urgent, but they do not necessarily move our business forward. Every meeting, every project that is urgent and important for business, creates stress for us. Absorbed by many tasks, we do not have time to work to improve the processes in our business, to optimize the scripts with which we sell, we do not have time to develop new marketing strategies to reach new clients or to create new products and services. The question here is how to become like the few people who are proactive and who work more time ON their business and not IN the business.

It is natural to give priority to urgent matters and to be distracted and interrupted by all kind of side activities. This is usually the environment in which we work.

But there is something you can do right away –

to optimize your environment so that you are not interrupted. To start, while working on an important task,

try not to take calls, not to check your e-mail and not to update your Facebook profile.


create boundaries

and make a decision that you will not allow to be interrupted by your team members or clients. This may be difficult at first, but if you are determined, you can make it a new habit. And yes, this is a small step, but it will drastically improve your productivity.

The first time I optimized my environment in this way, I was able to complete all the tasks on my to-do list and had time to work on important strategic things, and still I had free time which I did not know how to use.

That’s how much time you can create if you stop the distractions and interruptions.

When we are focused, we can do significant amount work in a short time. Research shows that if we are interrupted while doing something, then it takes between 6 and 20 minutes to regain the same concentration that we had before. And how often are we interrupted in today’s world?

The benefit of this simple strategy is that if you are consistent in your actions, your productivity will improve dramatically.

This will allow you to focus on the important things for you personally and for your business without feeling additional stress.

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