Create Compelling Message to Attract Clients

Create Compelling Message to Attract Clients

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To attract new clients easily, it is important to have a compelling message to them.

A message that grabs their attention and makes them take the next step.

Ask yourself what your message is to your potential clients and whether it is compelling enough for them.

The main problem that many business owners have is that they try to appeal to everyone and they are afraid to have a message that may not include some potential clients. Many people I work with say they don’t have a specific message because they don’t want to miss anyone. However,

by speaking to everyone, they actually attract no one!

The need to be very specific comes from the fact that in this way you speak very directly about all the goals, dreams needs and problems of a given group of clients. And that makes you an expert in their eyes. Imagine that you and 100 other people have just had dinner and I ask you, “Do you want food?” – probably 3-5% will only answer that they want. If I ask you, “What about dessert, do you want it?” – probably 20-30% will want to have a dessert (which is food). And if I ask,

“Who wants chocolate ice cream with sliced almonds?”,

maybe more than half of you in the room will reply. You see, all 3 questions are about food, however when we are very specific about the exact food we offer, we get a much bigger response from people who want it. And that attracts people.

It is the same in your business. Let’s take someone who is a tax consultant and works mainly with corporate clients from the manufacturing sector and positions themselves in this way. And let’s imagine that such a manufacturer is looking for a tax consultant. Who is he or she more likely to hire?: the tax consultant who only works with manufacturing companies or someone who is simply a “tax consultant”? You see the difference and

how much more attractive you can be if you are very specific.

It should be clear by now to you that when we narrow the profile of our potential client, our message is more likely to attract them. Why? – because it is more specific and focuses on exactly what this group of clients is looking for.

Think about whether you are specific enough in the message you say or send to your customers and clients. In order to sound like an expert and a person they can trust, your message must be clear and specific to them. If you sound too general, you may not be able to attract enough clients into your business.

And one more last thing that is really important for your message.
Focus on the benefits you provide with your product or service. Always remember the old trade phrase that

“features tell and benefits sell.”

So, in conclusion, target a very specific group of clients with your message and focus on the benefits you provide. This will attract clients much more easily than if you talk about the characteristics of what you do.

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