Don’t sell products, solve problems!

Don’t sell products, solve problems!

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Today I want to show you how to effectively position your products and services… so that you can attract more clients and sell at higher prices.

But let’s start with how most people sellThe classic formula they follow is: connect with the prospect, ask some questions to understand what drives them, present the product (or service) and then – try to close: sell your service or product.

This approach is not only increasingly repulsive (because people do not want to be sold), it is also increasingly ineffective today. This approach severely limits your reach – think about it: in essence, this type of approach can bring you clients only who already know they need exactly your product. And once you reach them, then you have to spend efforts to convince them that you are the best decision and maybe eventually lower your prices…. Because if your prices are higher than the prices of your competitors, you will not have a big chance to succeed.

How can you change all this?

Let’s ask ourselves this question:

What can you do differently to make the client want your product or service without even comparing your price with that of your competitors?

The answer is not to sell your products and services, but to

sell a solution to your clients‘ problems.

Look, people don’t want your products and services anyway. They want a specific solution, a relief, and a specific result for them and their problems.

And this leads to a

whole new approach in the sales process:

first you need to establish a deep connection with your prospect (rapport) so that they like and trust you.  Second, your mindset is also crucial, but we will talk about that at another time. Then you have to find out exactly what the client needs and what drives him or her. You will do that by asking the right questions in the right sequence. And once you have seen what the needs and problems of the client are, then you will present and sell them the solution they need. And of course, this solution will be related to what you offer as a product or service. Some people call this approach a consultative selling but it does not matter how you call it. What matters is that you sell a solution instead of a product.

Closing the deal

in this case is also important as it always is, but it comes relatively naturally – and you don’t have to be pushy to sell. And most importantly: when you position yourself as a problem solver, no one will compare your prices with those of your competitors. Because in this case

you are the solution

and people buy the solution, not the product. And if the client does not buy due to the price, it may be because they simply do not have the money, but not because they compare your price with someone else’s prices.

Your task now is to look at how you currently conduct your sales conversations:

more like the classic approach described in the beginning of the article or more like a consultative approach. If it is the first, start working to change the approach so that you sell value and solutions and not products. Because people do not like to be sold, but they like to be educated and consulted.

Let me know in a comment below what your current model and experience is and what changes you think you can make to reverse the sales process and sell a solution and not products and services.

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