How to take business from your competitors in the times of crisis?

How to take business from your competitors in the times of crisis?

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How to take business from your competitors?

The answer to this question is not related to tactics to go to the clients of your competitors and try to attract them to you by offering them lower prices.

In fact, many businesses are now doing just that: lower the prices at which they work, launch promotions or directly contact clients of their competitors. These tactics certainly do not have a long-term effect, but in most cases they do not help us even in the short term. You can reduce the prices you work at to be more attractive, but this leads to smaller profits and situations where you even work at a loss . This is a vicious circle in which many businesses are looking for a solution, but it is not there.

In today’s video you will find

the real way to attract more business even in a time of crisis.

The way that works not only in the short-term, but in the long-term as well.



The real way to attract more business than your competitors is by doing things that they don’t.

In an economic crisis, many businesses will be out of the game, which means that those who remain in the market will naturally have a larger market share. This way you can make bigger revenues and earn more money even in a shrinking market.

And to achieve that, you need two things:

  1. The right mindset that attracts business;
  2. A message that makes you different from everyone else.


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