Overcome your internal barriers to attract more clients

Overcome your internal barriers to attract more clients

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How do you attract clients?

3 things: right marketing, constantly meeting with potential clients and excellent persuasion skills. Yes, that’s right. Without marketing and excellent sales skills, it is not possible to grow your business. But what would happen, if we give the ideal marketing plan to ten entrepreneurs? Well, most likely in a year, 9 of them will have done nothing and their business will be where it is now (or even worse), and only one will have implemented this marketing plan and will have their business doubled.

Whether we act or not depends on our internal mindset for success.

It is good to understand that you cannot attract external success (in the form of more money, more customers, or more profits and market share) if you have not previously achieved success within yourself. One of the best coaches in the world, Tony Robbins (and one of my earlier teachers) teaches that 80% of success is psychology (which is internal) and only 20% – specific skills for marketing, sales or something else. My own experience and results and observations in working with many business owners also confirms that the right psychology is the most important factor for the success or failure, perhaps even more than 80%.

How to re-program your mindset for success?

The first and most important thing is to find out everything that holds you back and then to start working to change it. What are these beliefs about money, about business, about what you deserve, that don’t serve you now and are moving you down? Many people have low self-esteem, they are not confident, they think they do not deserve success and to be rich. Or some people even envy successful and rich people. However, there is no way to attract what you have resistance against. Thus, if you envy the rich, it will be very difficult for you to attract wealth to yourself. The Universe does not work in that way!

Then we have fears...

People have many fears, but those that are key to the success or failure of entrepreneurs are the fear of rejection, the fear of failure and the fear of success (yes, many people have such a fear).

Your first step now

Overcoming your limiting beliefs and fears is a long process, but as a first step take the time to answer this question clearly: “What is it that stops me from succeeding?” . Ask yourself this question many times, then go into silence and ask it again. And eventually you will find everything that is a potential barrier (too often the things we think of in the end are exactly the ones that are the most important).

One caveat:

from talking to hundreds and possibly thousands of business owners, I know that many tend to look for answers to the above question in factors outside them (market environment, unreliable partners, competition, economy, politics…). See, all of these factors may be real, but we have no control or influence over them. And if they are the reasons we fail, we feel powerless. And we fall into the trap of making the change to seem impossible to make.

Get out of this trap and

first look for the limitations that are inside you .

Once you find them, there is serious work to be done to change and overcome them. Few people are ready to take consistently this path, so few people really manage to achieve the business success they dream of. So make a list of the things you want to change, and mark at least one step for each one to start the process of replacing these limiting things with empowering ones.

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