You Don’t Have To Work With Everyone

You Don’t Have To Work With Everyone

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Many business owners believe that in order to be successful they have to work with everyone and that everyone can be their client.

I attend networking meetings and I can assure you, I hear quite often phrases like “We work with everyone”, “We never say no to a client”, or “We can be helpful to anyone and we want all kind of clients.”

If you have beliefs like this, I want to tell you clearly:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you are making in your business.

Why do I say this so firmly, even without knowing your specific situation?

Take a look at the video below to find out

why you should NOT work with everyone and how actually this is counterproductive and eventually leads to even lower number of clients.



The reasons I share in the video lead to loss of confidence and some business owners even start to dislike their business because of them.

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